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mold inspection phoenixWe are a mold inspection Phoenix Company that can help find the mold in your home.

Leakages and floods are common water problems that cause water damage in buildings.

After this damage has happened, there are increased chances of mold developing.

Mold causes more damage to the items inside the building. It can also cause discomfort and several health problems to the occupants. The property owner should call professional Phoenix mold inspection experts immediately water damage happens to ensure that mold problems are avoided.

Signs of mold

It is right to suspect a mold problem if the following things happen:

  • There is a water problem, for instance, leaking pipes, a leaking roof or flooding
  • You notice a mold smell
  • Allergic symptoms in the people living in the house

What Will Our Mold Inspection Phoenix Experts Do?

When our highly qualified and experienced mold inspection experts reach your property, they will do two things: One, they will find places in your home where mold is growing if any. Two, they will find the cause of the water problem that resulted to the mold problem. This approach is helpful in making sure a lasting solution to the mold problem is found. You might have come across some mold growing at certain places on your property.

This is an indication of more mold growing is a hidden place, and you should seek help from mold inspection professionals. When you hire us, you are sure that we will find any mold in your home. Our experts’ knowledge and experience in the profession is unmatched.

They know the spots where mold usually hides. They look for signs of moisture like water stains, peeling paint or warped surfaces to get a clue of where mold is most likely growing. We also have special mold inspection equipment such as fiber optics and moisture meters that allow us to find all the mold in your house without causing much disturbance.

It is a good idea to inform the professionals of any floods, leaks and other moisture problems that you might have experienced in your home.

Every room is searched thoroughly, with particular attention being paid to the attic and the basement. Substances with high cellulose content such as drywall, under carpets, in ventilation ducts, and in insulation are common places for mold development. Areas above the ceiling are also checked because they could be home to larger mold colonies.

CAUTION: When you find large colonies of mold in your home, do not disturb it. Spores and mycotoxins from the mold can spread to other parts of the house. Large colonies should only be disturbed after proper containment has been set during remediation.

If you suspect or have detected the presence of mold in your home, we are the best water damage and mold inspection Phoenix, Arizona company to contact. Our customer care is always ready to receive your request and schedule for a visit by our experts to your home. Our rates are affordable. When you use our services we endeavor to make every home free of mold and other water damage problems for more comfort.

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