The Best Mold Testing Company In Phoenix

mold testing phoenixIf you are looking forward to perform mold testing in your home, you need to seek the services of a professional mold testing Phoenix company. During the search process, you do not have to look anywhere else because we are the best option.

Our company provides high quality mold testing that will ensure your home is safe from mold. We offer on call mold testing services on a 24/7 hour basis.

Since we started offering our services, we have earned great reputation among our clients. We have managed to become the largest mold testing company in Arizona. This is enhanced by our integrity, honesty, ethics and high level customer service. Here are more other reasons why you need to select our company to work for you.

Highly qualified and experienced employees

We have a network of highly qualified employees with the ability to provide high quality mold testing that will ensure that your home is not infested. Our company has the manpower, resources, expertise to assist you with all your needs and have the job done fast and efficiently. If you want to receive quick results in order to have a plan of action ready, we have the ability to steer you in the right direction. So, let us assist you with all your mold testing.

We use high quality equipment

We test for mold and provide professional advice on how to remove mold. From the time our experts arrive in your home, we carry out survey for mold hot spots. Our experts use high quality equipment such as moisture meters and infrared cameras to recognize sections where mold grow. This is the equipment that meet the standards for monitoring, detecting and control of moisture. This is necessary because moisture must be available for mold to grow.

Our mold testing Phoenix based company focuses on the details

From the time you call us, you will be satisfied with our attention, knowledge and eagerness to offer you a solution to your mold problem. Our mold experts will advice on the perfect area to carry out mold test or several other areas. The surface and air samples are examined using a microscope by our professionals who then inform you on the kind of mold they find and the concentration of each type of mold. The report from our laboratory will help you know what the results mean by sending you sample and explaining what will be required to remove the mold.

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